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Sustainable living starts from the inside out

A thought, a choice, an intention, a belief, an action, a spark, a movement, our reality.

Whether it's that little voice inside our heads telling us to recycle our plastic wrapper, or that feeling we get inside when we tend to the backyard garden, at BAMBOX we really believe it starts inside, with controlled environment agriculture & indoor farming. We're transforming the landscape of cities from food deserts to lush & thriving communities.
Our mission is to make sustainable living convenient and accessible to all with tiny modifications to the daily routine.
Our Better Agricultural Methods help preserve natural resources, while growing the plants that fuel you to be that change you wish to see. 

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Conserving nature's precious resources.

BAMBOX uses 95% less fresh water that traditional agriculture. That means that for every pound of BAMBOX produce grown, the environment is able to keep 22 gallons of water that is not being used to water inefficient fields. 

Three Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Traditionally, sustainability has been thought of as having three pillars.

Economically Viable

Sustainable solutions must be able to sustain themselves financially if they plan to survive the test of time. in addition, profitable sustainable solutions attract more people to the cause, whether as investors, future business owners, entrepreneurs, and end users.

Socially Just

Sustainable solutions must address community building and other social causes. Human beings are a part of the environment in which they live and help co-create the landscapes we all share. Interpersonal drivers can impact the longevity and effectiveness of a proposed solution just as much as bankruptcy.

Environmentally Sound

Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of the conversation on sustainability. However, while the sometimes catastrophic observances of unsustainable practices on the environemnt are the most evident, a balance of social and economic responsibility must be met in order to improve environmental conditions.

We grow in the areas that need food most.

We moved the farm within the city to reduce food miles, minimize food waste, eliminate spoilage during the supply chain, and maintain peak freshness and flavor. We've managed to drastically reduce the distance and exchanges your food needs to endure before reaching your plate.

Every one of our members is making a difference

Conserving Resources

The BAM in BAMBOX stands for Better Agricultural Methods, and by utilizing continuously better methods, BAMBOX has been able to achieve a 95% water conservation rate when compared to conventional farming methods, while growing the same size crop as would take twice the amount of time to grow outdoors. Water conservation combined with no need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers creates a compounding effect on environmental resource conservation.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Less food miles by moving inside city limits, combined with less food waste by growing to meet demand drastically help reduce the carbon footprint of our current food system.

Fortifying The Local Food System

Growing indoors, in controlled environments allows for local food to be grown within the city. This changes the landscape and our very idea of what the possibility of local food entails. Depending on where you look, local food could be sourced from as many as 2 states away. Our mission is to shrink the definition of local and enable cities to sustain themselves from within.

Connecting With The Community

By offering pick up points at farmers markets, our farm, and local businesses throughout the community, BAMBOX helps to build community engagement and connection.

Growing Towards Nutritional Sovereignty

Nutritional independence is not something widely discussed, but nation wide, topsoils are becoming over worked and losing their precious mineral stores that promote optimum nutrient content in crops grown on those soils. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies and dependence on supplements or pharmaceuticals to fill in the void. Our aim is to promote nutritional sovereignty for all.

Always Growing

Controlled environments allow crops to be grown 24/7/365, seasonality is wonderful to promote a diverse diet, but when it comes to a fortified food system, it can be challenging to produce food in summer months in places like Arizona and winter months in countries like Canada, so growing indoors allows for the peace of mind in knowing that the food that was in season during season, will still be available, locally, all year round.

Rebuilding Local Soils

100% compostable packaging, and composting our growing media contributes to the health of local soils!

Reducing Food Miles

We farm in the city! The average head of lettuce travels 1500 miles before it hits the grocery store, while ours travel no more than 15!