Nutrition as nature intended.

fresh | local | sustainable | non GMO | pesticide free | beyond organic

Grown indoors to protect food from what's unwanted. Grown in water to promote everything that is wanted.
Grown vertically to make the best use of limited urban space.

We want to create a healthier planet, so we grow plants with Better Agricultural Methods that help the people in our communities be the best they can be. A thriving planet is within reach.

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Customizable weekly
salad packs.

Once you subscribe, we go to work to grow your customized salad pack. We recommend a salad a day.. something about keeping the doctor away, but offer 5, 7, and 10 packs. Not feeling a salad? We do boxes too. And you always have the freedom to mix and match or switch it up.

micro greens are 4-40x more nutritious by weight

BAM micros are grown optimally within a controlled environment which leads to high density nutrition and concentrated flavors.


With a mild, beet-like, earthy flavor, Amaranth is rich in Caratenoids, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.


The mother of all greens. Cruciferous vegetable lend their roots to the mustard green, of which Mizuna is a mildly spicy variety. Loaded with clorophyll and glucosinolates, Mizuna is an immune boosting, metabolism shifting powerhouse.  

Red Pac

While the stems are tender but firm with a sweet grassy flavor, the leaves boast a more pronounced mustard flavor reminiscent of the Glucosinolates present in the green. High in Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin C, A, K, Pholate, Flavanoids, Glucosinolates, and Phenols.

Rouge D'Hiver Romaine

Mildly nutty and sweet, this French romaine varietal is a lettuce base that actually has some flavor contributing to the composition of the salad rather than just holding place. 

Daikon Radish

Daikon Radish scored top in a 2014 University of Maryland study that rated various microgreens on their overall nutritional benefits. With these guys, the more you chew, the spicier they get. That's the glucosinolates going to work for your body. 

Micro Broccoli

Musky and earthy with that familiar broccoli flavor. Find these in the Crucifi-Vore blend and enjoy the cancer preventing effects common throughout the cruciferous family but highly concentrated within the petals of the Broccoli Microgreen.

Weekly harvests keep eating fresh simply convenient.

We harvest every week, and are working towards every day. Because fresher produce is better for you, and it shows in the flavor. The more we grow, the fresher your subscription gets, finally produce that gets better with time.

eat like you give a bam

Here's some of the many BAM-efits of the salad mixes to choose from.

The nutraceutical salad line

The OG Super Salad

It's a classic for a reason. Healthy blend of the weekly harvest.

Hot BAM! The Spicy Recovery Mix

The post-workout burn just got so much tastier.

ImmUNITY Mix- Immune Support

Come together and fear not the common cold with this immune boosting blend.

The Regulator- Adaptogenic Herb Blend

Adaptogenic herbs that help regulate the thyroid and adrenals.

Order and pick up at any of the farmers markets. Or if you feel like swinging by the farm to say hi, our doors are wide open.