BAM: Better Agricultural Methods

We're on a mission to revolutionize the food system through better agricultural methods. 
Our vision is an urban microfarm in every city delivering food directly to those who enjoy it.

Three pillars of bambox

Healing Plants

Maximizing nutrition per square foot of urban farm is what we are all about. We grow only the most nutrient dense crops available within controlled environments that actively contribute to the overall wellness of the harvest.

Healthy People

Healing plants make healthy people. Our pick up and delivery model allows for convenient access to the nutraceutical-grade produce grown in our farms. We grow our plants to fuel the people that are driving growth within their communities.

Happy Planet

Conserving our Earth's precious resources is the third pillar of the BAMBOX philosophy. We use 95% less water than traditional agriculture, offset the use of pesticides in the environment, help deter dead-zones in the ocean, reduce food waste, and contribute to the rebuilding of topsoil by composting on site.

By growing the plants to improve the health of the people within our communities, we are able to spread a wave of wellness across the nation, and improve the overall wellbeing of the planet.

Nutraceutical Produce grown to order.

Using 95% less water that traditional agriculture, inside to protect it from harmful pesticides, within controlled environments to cultivate potent flavor and nutrition in every bite.

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mission: to make eating healthy & living sustainably convenient and affordable to all.

How it works:

Become a member

No commitments, choose your pick up or delivery interval, and enjoy your share of the weekly harvest.

Customize your plan

With our Build-A-BAM feature you can choose from our variety of microgreens to add to your box, or pick your packs you'd like to enjoy- designed by holistic wellness coaches throughout the valley, we have a pack to fit any need.

Grow to order

Farm to table just got better. We're harvesting weekly and getting each harvest to our members iin as little as 24 hours.

Enjoy Weekly

Set your interval and enjoy at your own pace. We recommend a salad a day with deliveries weekly.

Mighty Microgreens.

Microgreens boast nutritional potency 4-40x higher than their adult counterparts. We pack them up in pre mixed blends that work synergistically to promote the wellness goals of every one of our members.

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Vision: An urban microFarm in every city

Reducing the sprawl of the food supply chain by replicating indoor urban farms in every city accross the nation, complete with a delivery system and business model to empower entrepreneurs of any generation to give a BAM about the food they eat.

Benefits of Indoor Vertical Farming

While there are numerous benefits of indoor farming, conservation reigns at the forefront of conversation.

95 % Less Water Than Outdoor Agriculture


50% Less Time From Seed to Harvest


85% Less Time From Harvest to Home


We're offsetting the carbon footprint of your food by delivering directly to our customers, turning food miles into food meters.

Controlled Environmental Conditions

We monitor the environmental conditions that each of our crops grow within, allowing real time feedback and adjustment capabilities to ensure the perfect conditions for them to thrive.

Reduced Time from Harvest to Tummy

The more we grow, the fresher your produce gets. Currently we harvest weekly, but with added memberships will move towards daily. Finally, produce that gets better with time.

Maximizing Nutritional Potency

Ideal growing conditions throughout the life cycle of our crops means super nutrient dense produce. We provide slight environmental stressors to bring about added phytonutrients in each already-nutritious microgreen.

Flavors to Back up the Nutrition

With more nutrition, comes more natural flavor. The two are directly interlinked. Have you ever tasted the difference between a store bought veggie and one grow in your own backyard? Well, now there's no need to grow it yourself to experience nutrition you can taste.

Conserving Precious Resources

Hydroponic indoor growing boasts 95% less water usage than outdoor agriculture. That means that for every pound of produce we grow, we are saving 22 gallons of fresh water for the environment.

Offsetting Topsoil Erosion

Topsoil erosion is a phenomenon caused by the tilling and replanting of the same crop on the same field, harvest after harvest. By growing indoors, we're giving the ground a break so those outdoor crops and Earth itself can thrive too. 

Growing Within City Limits

Shrinking the supply chain and cutting back on food miles is a cornerstone of our practice. Welcome food meters, or better yet feet, with indoor agriculture we could really be the farmer next door. 

Non GMO, Pesticide Free, Nutraceutical Grade Produce

Not only do we never, ever use pesticides, GMO seeds, or chemical fertilizers on our plants, by growing indoors these crops are protected from any chance of trace contamination by blow over from fields using less desirable growing methods.

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