Be your best self with customizable plans that fit your goals. 

Here's how it works:

We're on a mission to improve the food system through Better Agricultural Methods. Our community of members, The BAMfam, is a growing community that shares the same vision of consistently being better.

Our commitment to The BAMfam is to grow the cleanest, freshest, and most nutritious produce possible using controlled environment agriculture inside urban environments, closest to those who need high quality nutritious food the most.

We're here to make eating healthy and sustainably more convenient than the drive through.

Get Started

Customizable salad packs and produce boxes.

Start with a premixed nutraceutical BAMpack for any nutritional need or flavor preference, or a harvested-weekly BAMbox with a bit of each crop in rotation that week. Feeling like customizing your own membership? Go right ahead with our 'Build-A-BAM' membership plans. Pair your weekly share with a healthy dressing add on, and enjoy a convenient weekly delivery to your home or pick up directly from the farm or from the farmers markets throughout the valley.

Grown indoors to maximize flavor and nutrition.

And to reduce harmful effects of traditional agriculture on the environment. Every pound of BAMBOX Produce saves 22 gallons of water compared to outdoor agriculture. That's over 95% less fresh water, a scarce environmental resource being taxed by less efficient growing methods.   

Becoming a member helps reduce food waste.

Each year over 60 Billion Pounds of edible food goes to waste in America. Because we know exactly how much we need to grow to fulfill the week's orders, we can use the technology and reliability of controlled environment agriculture to plan accordingly and help reduce the amount of food waste our country experiences. 

Local delivery or pick up at farmers markets throughout the valley.

After selecting your delivery window each week, be on the lookout for a text message when your driver leaves the farm. Easily track your membership's progress to your home, communicate with your driver directly, and receive confirmation when your membership is delivered. If you're out and about and a farmers market pick up is more convenient for you, just choose pick up at check out and we'll have it there for you at no charge.

Customized scheduling and no commitment.

Choose whether you want your membership weekly or bi-weekly. Pause, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time. Our pick up and delivery schedules are designed with convenience in mind. It shouldn't be difficult to eat right for your body and the planet, and we're making it easier than ever. 

What the bAMfam has to say:

OG Super Salad 5 Pack

Light and satisfying! One a day for the work week, and I don't have to worry about eating healthy on the go. I think these salads give me superpowers!

- Courtney S.

BAMbox 1/2 lb.

Sometimes I make a light salad using the Daikon Radish and Broccoli microgreens. When I need a larger meal, I'll throw some chicken on top of the Romaine with Amaranth as a garnish. Sometimes I blend it all up in a smoothie. My body knows what it needs and the 1/2 pound gives me just enough to listen!

- Steve D.

Honey Cider Vinaigrette

I can't believe it's so simple! Knowing that all of the ingredients are good for my body, and taste this good gives me the piece of mind I like when I eat!

- Paige P.