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Backyard Vegetable gardening

Have you ever thought of gardening for a living? You should read Michelle Obama’s new book. Congratulations to American Grown. It details her challenges and success while in the White House garden. You will not want to miss the amazing story of her garden. Does this make you eager to find out how it can improve your health?

Eating Greens for Healthy Living

Health is an important aspect in the life of a person, and food is a primary component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Micro greens and the beyond-organic-ness of indoor farming

sustainable-healthy-urban farm-organic
When it comes to eating healthy foods, it’s easy to talk the talk, but when it comes to walking that walk, it can be hard. Work, kids, activities, working out, watering the plants, anything and everything will get the in the way of making time to be healthy. And with reason; life is simply busy.  But your health should never be sacrificed.