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A View From The Farm

The pursuit of true organic

Screw the label. Strive for the ideal.

The way of the microgreen

Curiously cute but incredibly impressive.

At Your Convenience

Making excuses just got harder.

Nutraceutical Salad Line

The OG Super Salad

It's a classic for a reason. Healthy blend of the weekly harvest.


The Crucifi-Vore

A cruciferous bunch of antioxidizing, metabolism boosting glucosinolates.


The Regulator

Adaptogenic herbs that help regulate the thyroid and adrenals.


The Hot-BAM! Spicy Recovery Mix

The post-workout burn just got so much tastier.



Fill up on Chlorophyll with this blood-oxygenating, body-detoxifying, and healthy digestion promoting power pack.


The ImmUNITY Mix

Come together and fear not the common cold with this immune boosting blend.


The Chronic

Not like that. Build immunity against chronic disease and fatigue.


See the inside of our urban farm

Farm tours every Tuesday from noon to 1pm. Saturdays 11 to noon.

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What the bamfam is saying

The romaine was so tender, with a bite unlike any romaine I'd ever had. It really is that much better, health benefits notwithstanding. Bravo! I am looking forward to my next BAMBOX salad!

Vicki R.

I think that salad gave me super powers! I feel amazing!

Courtney S.

I absolutely love LOVE all these greens! Superior quality and taste! Customer for life!! Plus all the love and energy behind the concepts and farming make a difference in the produce, huge fan!

Jodi D.

BAMBOX greens are definitely the most flavorful I’ve ever had! Would highly recommend the micro arugula, which combined with their Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette dressing is sweet and spicy deliciousness.

Kamna G.

Eating well has always been a challenge for me, but BAMBOX makes it super easy! The greens are delicious and nutrient rich, and you can use them in a variety of ways. Knowing that they are grown in a sustainable way makes it even better. I love BAMBOX!

Andrea A.

The greens that keep on giving.

When you hop on this BAM-wagon, the benefits never stop.

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